The New Generation of Towels

High Absorbent * Quick Drying * Lightweight

DryTech Towels - Magavot!

Magavot - The Ideal Gift!


It all started with my beach towels, each time while coming back from sea activity my towels were filled with sand and made a big mess in my house , same issue happened while I've came back from the pool, the towels were not drying, very smelly ,heavy, wet and worse I had full of laundry after long day outdoors ... Ugh.

I thought to myself, why not to improve it and expand it? Make a difference! at the beach, pool, gym and at home? Thought and done! and a new brand of products called Magavot is on air!

Each towel is designed carefully to its unique needs and with High quality fabric. HAVE AN IDEA FOR A TOWEL? Wish to make it happen? Tell me all about it and I will do my best to make YOUR DREAM COME TRUE :-)